Looking for LED video wall solutions in Canada?

LED video walls have become the preferred display wall solution for various businesses and entertainment providers. The LED video walls are available for application in control rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

LED video walls help in the creation of a unique ambiance at your store, bar, or lobby. It is fast catching up as an innovative advertising solution.

In Canada, solutions like Nummax LED wall screens are gaining ground for their superior display and chic look.

This article takes you through the nuances of LED video walls and how you can benefit from them.

What are LED video walls?

A video wall is made up of many displays that work together as a cohesive unit to display content. The displays have slim bezels to minimize the gap between the display areas. It overcomes the boxed look of multiple TV screens which are generally used.

LED technology is capable of generating sharp, bright images. As it does not generate heat, LEDs are energy-efficient and durable.

There are various models available like

  • Direct view LED video walls: usually used for large outdoor displays
  • Indoor LED video walls: They are designed in a variety of curved shapes and deliver high-resolution imagery. Usually, surface-mounted LEDs are used.
  • Blended projection video wall systems: uses the output of multiple projectors to generate images of required size and shape.

What are the benefits of LED video walls?

The LED wall has several advantages over a TV wall.

  1. Durability: LED video walls have a longer lifetime than commercial LCD TV. It ensures long years of reliable broadcasting.
  2. Sun glare: LED display screen creates clear images even in sun glaring environment.
  3. Versatility: A large LED screen can also be subdivided to broadcast different camera shots. This gives it an edge in sports display in public spaces. 
  4. Interactivity: LED walls can be optimized for responsive interaction. This makes it an attractive option for use in conference halls for presentations.
  5. Resolution: LED offers high-resolution solutions for display. It comes in handy for indoor display in offices and sports bars.

How to choose a partner firm for LED video walls?

  • The firm should offer a diverse range of cabinet sizes to its clients.
  • The number of pixel pitches on offer needs to be higher.
  • The firm should offer installation support on the site.
  • Post-installation service support should be available.
  • Pricing should be reasonable.

Concluding thoughts

LED video walls are an innovative display option for any indoor or outdoor option. Choose a reliable partner who can professionally cater to your display needs.