The various roles performed by a licensed customs broker

Any business owner that is planning to import into Canada must have thorough knowledge of the law of customs as well as the country. Limited knowledge will only cause delays in the import and may also result in some penalties for wasting the customs time. Thus, most businesses do not take a chance and hire a registered customs broker. A reliable customs agent must have cleared the license to perform various roles such as supporting in documents, obtaining clearance certificate, coordinating for ITN number request for Canada and more…

If you are confused of what services are performed by a customs broker, you have landed the right page. Our prime focus on the article is to help you understand the various roles offered by a customs broking firm so that you know you are hiring the right company.

Several roles performed by a registered customs broker:

  1. Knowledge :A customs broker possesses thorough knowledge of moving goods to another country. They are well prepared of what happens during the entire process and they keep the client updated of the same. Some even inform the entire steps in advance to the client so that they are mentally prepared and patient during the process.
  2. Updates :A reputed customs broking company keeps a track of any changes in the customs law and rules of the country. They inform the clients of any changes on time so that respective decision can be taken on moving goods.
  3. Documentation :Other than providing guidance and updating the law, a customs broker takes care of the paperwork and documentation. All the documents are filled, re-checked, verified, and submitted by the broker on behalf of the client. They fill the necessary forms and prevent errors or mistakes that would happen by the client due to limited knowledge of customs.
  4. Transport: A good customs officer also helps in the transport of goods. They are present at the time of goods inspection to ensure things settle and get sorted on time and import can take place smoothly.
  5. Clearance: Once goods are inspected and the customs office is satisfied with the assignment, they make arrangements for the clearance certificate. A customs broker is in regular touch with the customs office to track the status of the request. They ensure smooth operation during the clearance process and hand over the certificate to the client as soon as they receive it.

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