What are the best ways to find a new job?

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive as more and more people get advanced degrees or have specialized work experiences that can help them get a position. If you are trying to find a new job you will need to be strategic about how you are going to proceed with the job search. To help you find a job more easily we are here to present the top 4 elements to consider during your job application.

  1. Make sure everything is up-to-date

Applying for jobs is becoming easier with time, as many key websites like LinkedIn will keep all of your profile information and directly send it to the positions you are applying to. While this can make the whole process faster, if your cv, resume, and profiles are not updated it could also lead to you losing opportunities that you may have otherwise been considered for. Therefore, before you begin widely applying for positions try to update everything to reflect your current skill set and experience.

  1. Apply to positions strategically

There are only so many hours in the day that you can spend on job applications. This means that you will most likely need to be selective about the way in which you are applying to positions. It could be helpful to divide the positions you are applying to into categories. Those you are most interested in you can spend more time adapting your application to fit all of their needs. For the positions you are not as interested in you can create a slightly more standardized cover letter and cv for. In this way, you will be able to apply both widely and more strategically to positions you are interested in.

  1. Use your network

Many people tend to ignore the network that they have already established when looking for new job positions. Your network is filled with people who know both you and your abilities. If they work in your field, they may be able to tell you if their company is hiring or even put in a good word with you during the recruitment process. In general, having a reference from someone they are familiar with could significantly increase your chances of finding the right type of work faster.

  1. Non-permanent positions

While ideally, you may want to find a permanent position, if none that are coming up are good fits then you may want to consider applying to temporary positions. These could help introduce your work to a new company and they could be important in helping you build experience. In some cases, companies may also choose to keep you around if they were satisfied with your work. Therefore, a short gig could quickly become a full-time position if you work hard at it.

Looking for a job can be a time-consuming process, but if done right it could eventually lead to your dream job. If you are in the process of searching for a job or if you have already booked your first few interviews you may want to read our guide on how to make a great first impression by going here.