Interesting Activities to do in Bunaken National Park


One type of famous tourism in Indonesia is marine tourism because of its abundant sea resources. For example, Bunaken National Park, namely Marine Park, with the advantage of natural char. There is no tara. It is located in the North Sulawesi region.

It’s incomplete if you don’t know a small portion of Bunaken National Park, the history. The beauty of this Bunaken Marine Park does not necessarily be found out because this park was once a remote area. It was still in the new order period that had not been a lot of time on vacation. There are only a few people who roam to see the beauty of Indonesia.

Then several divers appeared to try to examine the beauty of this sea. However, divers are also indirectly smoothly diving just like that, because they get the direction of the fishermen. Residents around, especially the fishermen, appealed to divers to not dive in the sea because evil spirits have it.

This continues until the 1970s. Because it is famous for magical elements and myths about spirits and ghosts, some fishermen die from diving. This incident is increasingly associated with the strength of supernatural in the sea. However, divers who want to research it does not back down or stop exploring beauty down there. They again dived and found called underwater paradise. Finally, the divers gave stories to the local government. This is where coordination is done, and Bunaken National Park is formed until now is still a world paradise for visitors from anywhere.

If you plan a vacation to this tourist destination, invite fellow and extended family to play together because many exciting activities can be done there. Do you start interested? Yuk, see the full explanation below.

  1. Play while learning

For teenagers or children who are still in school, Bunaken National Park can be used as the purpose of the Study Tour is the right choice. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty and playing water, they can also learn about biota, ecosystems, to landscapes in Bunaken.

There is even a mangrove tree planting program that can be observed. So it can be a good experience for children. In addition, there is also a coral transplant that is no less exciting to see.

  1. Diving and snorkelling

Certainly, if you stop by on maritime tours, you will be interested in diving or snorkelling. Diving at the Bunaken Sea is very stunning because the contents of the biota species and their ecosystems are very spoiling their eyes due to colour. Moreover, you can see coral reefs that grow so beautiful and characterise in Bunaken National Park. If you want to explore the beauty of the Bunaken Sea, you need to be accompanied by a guide to guaranteeing security so that there is no unwanted thing.

In addition to diving, snorkelling also includes exciting activities to do too. You can dive in the waters that are not too deep and observe the beauty of marine biota and coral reefs from there.

  1. Watch the attractions of dolphins and whales

There is original habitat for dolphins and whales at the Bunaken Sea. You can rent a boat to see the sea flies from close. If lucky, you will see dolphins doing attractions like jumping. Point a boat to the middle of the sea so that the existence of these animals can be reached and can be enshrined as a memento that has been on vacation in Bunaken.

  1. Observing the sunset

It has been a common thing to see dusk in the afternoon when the sun wants to settle. The view from the western horizon that looks charming will greatly practice your eyes. Wait until the bias of the orange light began to spread, bouncing above the sea, and you must be amazed when he saw it, especially if loved ones accompany you.

The charm and beauty of this Bunaken Marine Park cannot be ignored. When the eyes of the world in this park, of course, it fits for Indonesia as the host maximises true what is presented. Exploring well and caring for it is not damaged because of human behaviour or natural events.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, additional world’sreefs’ beauty eyes research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bunaken by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.