7 Greatest Beaches in Yogyakarta with Stunning Panorama

Source: www.indonesia.travel

Wonosari is a tourist destination in Yogyakarta that makes the beach its magnet. Wonosari is the capital of Gunung Kidul Regency, known to have many beach tourist destinations with spectacular views. A vacation to Yogyakarta is not complete if you don’t stop at the Yogyakarta beach. Here are some beach destinations in Wonosari that are interesting to visit.

  • Pok Tunggal Beach

Pok Tunggal Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Wonosari is a favorite of many tourists. On this beach, there is an old duras tree that stands firm to this day. Interestingly, around the beach there are cliffs of karst hills overgrown with dense trees inside.

Pok Tunggal Beach is an ideal place for snorkeling, camping, swimming, and diving. Pok Tunggal Beach has white sand that is smooth and clean. This makes visitors feel at home to linger when on vacation to Gunung Kidul.

  • Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach is a very famous beach in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Therefore, Indrayanti Beach is always crowded with tourists from various regions. Indrayanti Beach is located close to Pok Tunggal Beach. Here, you can enjoy the sunset on the west side. In addition, there is a gazebo that you can use to relax on the beach.

Indrayanti Beach is one of the white sandy beaches in Yogyakarta is a prima donna for marine tourism. This beach is also known as Pulang Syawal Beach by the local community. The clean beaches are the main attraction for tourists from within and outside the city of Yogyakarta.

  • Ngandong Beach

At Ngandong Beach, you can see firsthand the activities of fishers in Gunung Kidul. This white sandy beach has a relatively long coastline. On the west side, the ocean currents are bigger than on the east side.

In the middle of the sea, you will find a rock that separates the west and east coasts. If you come here when the sea is receding, the rock can be reached only on foot. But when the tide is high, you can use a fishing boat to explore the beauty of the sea on Ngandong Beach.

  • Ngrenehan Beach

Ngrenehan Beach has its own historical story in Gunung Kidul. The name of this beach was given by Raden Fatah, who was then the King of Demak. It is said that Raden Fatah’s father fled to this beach, and when he searched, he was not found. Finally, they were given the name Ngrenehan which means “rene” or “here” in Javanese.

Ngrenehan Beach is often considered as a place to immortalize the arrival of Raden Fatah in the past. This beach is flanked by two hills that have calm ocean currents. The blue sea, fine white sand, and fishing boats on the beach are things that attract tourists to come.

  • Drini Beach

This beach is relatively broad, sloping and there are two parts with different sensations. The west coast is known to have bigger waves. While the beach to the east has calmer ocean currents, making it an ideal place for snorkeling.

Drini Beach has a small island in the middle that separates the east and west coasts. Drini Beach has complete facilities such as gazebos, restaurants, toilets, and lodging. This beach is ideally used as a family tourist destination.

  • Ngobaran Beach

Ngobaran Beach is the place where Raden Fatah’s father set himself on fire. Until finally, this place is called Ngobaran Beach comes from the word “flame”.

Ngobaran Beach looks unique. This can be seen when entering the beach area. There is a gate that combines culture and religion into one. There is also a statue that is a symbol of Hinduism and Buddhism. Behind the story of history and religion, Ngobaran Beach presents a beautiful and amazing panorama.

  • Kesirat Beach

At Kesirat Beach you can enjoy the beauty of the sea from the beach as well as the view from the top of the hill. This beach is considered entirely private because many tourists have not touched it.

Kesirat Beach is one of the best beaches in Wonosari to enjoy the sunset panorama. On this beach, you can camp and enjoy the beauty of the beach longer. Interestingly, one eternal tree stands on the edge of the cliff, making Kesirat Beach look unique.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.