Is it possible to file claims getting a duplicate from the original cheque?

Furthermore, the beneficiary under Article 632 in the UAE Commercial Transactions Law can claim a option in the issuer or any other party who’s liable by presenting the cheque within prescribed limit before the relevant court government physiques. However, the priority before the Commercial Lawyers of Dubai is not in regards to the registration in the situation, that is about when the claimant may use a duplicate in the original cheques to initiate a civil or possibly a criminal complaint in the issuer in the cheque.

Can you file a claim with a copy of an original cheque?

Possessing the first bounced cheque along with a letter staying with you confirming the issue is considered as vital documents so that you can initiate the criminal or civil situation in the issuer. However, let us repeat the initial cheque sheds or could not be discovered, can the copy in the original cheques might be sufficient in raising the claim. It is vital for your claimant to help keep the first cheque, yet whether it’s lost, the claimant could use the copy in the original cheque since it is confirmed and agreed with the courts of UAE that doesn’t obtaining the initial cheque does not always imply the criminal situation does not exist as it is been made a decision with the courts if UAE the courts have the legal right to accept the cheques photocopy just like a proof of cheques crime so when legal court believes inside the validity and legality of those copy in the original cheque. It’s been further confirmed with the court under Federal Top Court under situation number 57 of year 1999 on 06 June 1999.

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Taking into consideration the process for raising the criminal complaint about cheque bounceFind Article, the beneficiary can register a complaint while using nearest police in the relevant Emirate otherwise you might use a finest Defense Lawyer of Dubai that will help you with filing such situation.