Guide to the strip club industry in Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Cities like Melbourne enjoy a vibrant night life that caters to locals and tourists alike. Strip clubs or gentlemen’s clubs happen to be very popular in Melbourne. They operate the same way US clubs operate. First of all, the strippers have to pay a stage fee in order to perform in the club and they may also tip other people who help make her job easier. There aren’t a lot of clubs that offer a drinks commission so strippers make their money with lap dances. So, instead of spending time on the floor mingling, strippers who understand the business know that the best way to make money is to get attract as many eyes, draw everyone’s focus on them, the minute they step into the club. So, when you go to a strip club expect to be propositioned for a lap dance fairly quickly. Time is money and with strippers, there’s isn’t a lot of it to waste. This isn’t just something that happens at regular strip clubs but it’s the same even at high-end, gentlemen clubs.

The adult entertainment industry is very competitive and strippers can become competitive. A regular strip club would typically have podium dancers performing on rotation throughout the night. Then there will be feature performances where a “star” performer puts on a curated show. There might be more than one feature performance, but depending on the club and how busy it gets, there might be more than one feature performance. Strippers also participate in national as well as international stripper competitions. These have included competitions like Miss Pole Dance Australia and others. Some of the competitions can impact a dancer’s profile and put them on a certain level that will help them draw more clients into the club. So far the biggest title is Miss Nude Australia. This comes with a AU$20,000 price money and a chance to compete in U.S Miss Nude World competition.

Are strip clubs legal?

Not only are strip clubs legal in Australia but they are also very popular. Most of them aren’t just about guys perving over nude girls. People actually enjoy going out to these spots. There are laws governing the industry. States like New South Wales and Victoria have legalized prostitution but brothels and pimps are illegal. Australians are pretty open-minded when it to strip clubs. Most of the strippers do more than just take their clothes off but they are actually talented dancers and performers. This is why a lot of girls come to Melbourne. Young girls come to Melbourne on holiday, fall in love with the city and the culture and just end up staying longer. Australia has a Visa agreement with countries like Britain, Canada, Germany, Norway and even Hong Kong where anyone between the ages of 18 and 31 can get a 1-year holiday visa which they can extend to 2 years if they managed to work for 88 days in the region. Summertime is pretty popular for tourists and there are a lot of parties that are held on boats to celebrate birthdays or bucks parties that involve performances by strippers.

Strippers in Australia happen to be some of the best-paid entertainers in the world. There are a lot of international strippers who choose to work especially in Melbourne.