Almost everything you’ll need to sell on Amazon to earn profits


Helium 10 incorporates all the features you require into a single piece of software, eliminating the need to pay for numerous separate subscriptions. You can read the helium10 review for more information. Helium 10 was employed to obtain precise data, although it was not as precise as we had anticipated. The precision of helium 10 is just 74%, which is insufficient. Every Amazon seller relies on these data parameters, thus their failure to do so could result in significant financial loss. According to extensive research, Helium 10 is the third most accurate tool available to Amazon sellers. Hopefully, they will improve the accuracy of their data in the future.

User Experience of Helium 10

Black Box is a product database tool, will be used to test the usability of Helium 10. To do product research, use this tool. Direct access to this tool is available via the Helium 10 dashboard. Your screen should look something like this when you first launch the tool. You must choose a specific product category from the drop-down list in the categories option. Additionally, you have the choice of using choices like monthly revenue, pricing, review count, review rating, and delivery size tier. 

You can utilize sophisticated filters. To view the products, click the search button. The items will appear on your screen and resemble the ones shown above. It will provide information about each product, including its price, total sellers, monthly sales, and monthly revenue. A sales chart that displays the entire history of sales for that product will appear if you click the sales button.

Helium 10: Resources & Support

The average response time for Helium 10’s customer assistance is less than 24 hours, which is a bit slow but not excessively so. They provide premium members with customer service around-the-clock. The contact us page has a direct form for submitting requests. You must fill out the support form with your name, email address, and a description of the issue; you may also choose the area of the issue and get it resolved. 

All of Helium 10’s premium programs include access to Freedom Ticket, a premium course. You will learn a practical method for effectively selling on Amazon from this course. The advantages of this course include the opportunity to take live sessions and ask the experienced Amazon sellers who produced it questions directly.

Which Helium 10 Plan best suits you?

It all depends on the stage your business is in if you’re wondering which plan will work best for you. Start with the Starter plan if you’re just getting started, then work your way up. If you’re a seasoned Amazon seller, the Platinum plan, which provides you access to both basic and some advanced capabilities, is the best option. The Diamond plan should be chosen if you want your firm to grow quickly. Choose the Elite Plan if you’re an established businessperson who wants to get knowledge from your best competitors.