Essential Items that You Should Keep on Moving Day

Some people love moving home. After all, if this is your first move you will finally be able to decorate a space that’s totally your own and you don’t have to worry what other people will think. However, moving home also has its challenges – planning and organizing during the build-up to a big move can be a lot of pressure in itself! Then when the day arrives, things often go wrong. For example, it’s very common for lifts and ramps not to work or sometimes even the doors won’t open or stay open because the hallway isn’t wide enough. You could end up wasting hours waiting for someone to come and sort out these issues – which happen more than we care to think about! Hence, hiring professional movers Toronto is crucial whether you live in any other place.

However, despite hiring a moving agency, you need to take care of several other things to make the moving smooth and straightforward. In this piece of writing, we will look at some essential things that everyone should keep on moving day. Here we go!

Basic Cleaning Supplies

When you move into a new property you will want to make sure it is properly cleaned and prepared for your tastes. Some former homeowners may not have cleaned the house with the same high standard as you, so to mentally prepare yourself for doing the job from scratch we recommend having a broom, dustpan, hairbrushes, and cotton cloths on hand. Now that you know what steps to take before moving in, go out and get some cleaning supplies if you don’t have them. Remember, getting cleaning supplies is as important as hiring Toronto’s best possible moving company for reliable movers. So, be mindful of it.


Moving day can have you so busy running around packing up your things and lugging them to the new house, that you might forget a few important things like your phone charger AND spare batteries. It’s better to be safe when trying to set yourself up as comfortable as possible in your new abode before unpacking everything though because, with a working phone, you will be able to focus on the bigger things like unpacking & organizing stuff!


This is another important thing that tends to get forgotten. Keeping a couple of toilet rolls in your essential items box is important as it can come in handy when you have time constraints, and saving an unnecessary trip to the supermarket on a busy day couldn’t hurt either. Along with toilet rolls, you should also put any other toiletries you’re going to need on the first night such as toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Final Words

When moving house, it’s easy to overlook the little things such as phone chargers, toiletries, and sometimes even prescription medications. But you likely will need at least some of these things when you arrive at your new home. So make sure you pack essentials like these in a separate box – or better yet, two separate boxes – to avoid packing them with your main belongings and unpacking them last.

Nonetheless, if you need to hire movers, consider giving a call to Let’s Get Moving, one of the best moving companies in Toronto.