Why do quartz kitchen countertops make better choice over granite?

A healthy kitchen means healthy life. You can maintain a healthy life of your kitchen by choosing quality counters and cabinets.  These are possible when you are aware of the right material for your kitchen counter. Amidst the options in kitchen countertops, it may be confusing to make the final choice. However, most kitchen designers and homeowners prefer quartz over other kitchen materials for a number of reasons.

Seek guidance from Kitchen Wholesalers quartz countertops and they will guide you further on the same. For now, we have a few reasons as shared by experienced kitchen experts.

7 Reasons quartz kitchen countertops are better than granite:

  1. Quartz material is human made and thus, it is available in uniformity. The uniform appearances of countertops enhance the beauty of your kitchen balancing its looks and purpose. Other natural material may not be alike but, they offer you unique appearance if you are targeting that.
  2. Quartz counters are easy to repair due to their easy availability. Granite may be an expensive option for the homeowners in case any things chips off or gets stained. Moreover, it is challenging to find the same slab or color for replacement.
  3. The options in quartz will spoil you for a choice. Thus, you can pick a color, pattern, or design to match your kitchen interiors such as walls, roof, and floor design.
  4. Quartz is manufactured with recycled materials and minerals. You are adapting to an environment-friendly material by opting for quartz countertops for your kitchen. Sealing the quartz further relieves you from the stress of damages as well as heavy maintenance and repair costs.
  5. Compared to other kitchen counter materials, quartz are more durable than the rest. Due to their hard surface, they do not crack easily despite heavy cookware on the top.
  6. Quartz has another special feature that is its non-porous nature. Unlike granite that needs resealing, quartz doesn’t allow the bacteria to settle or build-up. Thus, your kitchen offers you a hygienic, healthier, and happier life.
  7. One more secret to learn from quartz kitchen countertops is that these can easily imitate any other material. Those craving for a marble look for their kitchen can choose a similar look in quartz at lesser cost.

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