What a Home Golf Simulator Can Tell You About Your Swing

One of the most challenging things to do in golf is to change your swing. However, if you consistently miss-hit the ball or have difficulty fixing that slice, perhaps it is time to consider a home golf simulator. One of the fantastic things about these machines is the amount of information that the simulator can give you. These simulators can help you fix that swing and give you enough reps that you can practice until it feels natural, all from the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the statistics that are tracked with a golf simulator. 

Ball Speed

A simulator can track the speed of the bowl directly after you make contact with it. This helpful bit of information is critical in adjusting distance if you want to hit the ball farther than ball speed after impact is the statistic you want to focus on. 

Launch Angle

Measuring the launch angle combined with the ball speed is an excellent way to measure how far the ball will carry. This statistic also plays a lot into your distance. However, the launch angle can also inform you how you are striking the ball and whether or not you are teeing the ball too high or low. 


The azimuth is the angle to the right or left compared to the target line. In essence, this statistic will let you know whether you are pulling or pushing the ball with your swing. This statistic helps so many golfers understand whether their natural swing path is moving down the target line or not. 

Total Spin

The total spin statistic shows how fast and in which direction the ball is spinning. This packs a lot of information regarding the overall direction the ball will travel. It also informs the distance the ball will travel, as the backspin will check-up while the forward spin kicks forward and goes farther. 

Spin Tilt Axis

This measures how much movement the ball gets from the spin. In essence, it will measure how far to the left or the right the spin of the ball is making the ball move. This measurement is an excellent way to measure shaped shots. You can see how much fade or draw you put into your swing and practice giving the shot more or less spin.

These are just five reasons to consider investing in a home golf simulator. The ability to work on your swing from the comfort of your own home is invaluable. These indicators can give any golfer the information they need to hit longer, straighter, and shape their shots the way they want.