Top 5 reasons why businesses are switching to video ads

Video advertisement is the latest trend today for all types of business and services. Studies have observed that the value of a product and its promotion increased 70% more than traditional ways of promoting the same. According to Benjy Films video production company, video advertising involves a great storyline, appealing content, and a message for the audience to take back.

Make a list of the apps you have on your mobile phone. Now, check how many do you use more often to see what’s new? Do these apps attract you by their video ads? If yes, you have the answer why businesses are diverting to visual ads.

5 reasons why businesses are switching to video ads:

  1. Video ads generate leads:

Due to their presentable and creative content, visuals bring more possibilities of leads. Audience is more likely to click videos and hit the buy button than randomly watch images and move forward.

  1. They are more appealing:

Visuals are always more appealing than stills and prints. Videos have a short story and a message that makes the audience watch it till the end. Thus, they are more likely to watch a video ad than look into the textual part of it.

  1. More possibility of sale:

Sharing ads with each other increases possibilities of sale. Moreover, the visuals help to understand how a product looks when used or worn. That’s why most apparel brands have shifted to visual ads that give customers a clearer view of the clothes when worn.

  1. Beneficial for global business:

For those planning to expand their business globally, video ads play a major role. With a large base of customer using internet and mobile phones, the brands are able to reach out to a larger traffic. Thus, it is convenient to reach a global audience in the same or even less cost.

  1. Free promotion and popularity:

Video ads enjoy great promotion and popularity through the audience. Most apps and ads have sharing options and anything that is appealing is shared by the audience. Even a common person having 100 or 1000 followers posting the ad on their social media platforms reaches out to that number of people free of cost. Similarly, brands approach social media influencers who have more than million followers and exchange promotion in barter with them. Some don’t mind doing it considering the brand and popularity.

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