Three Common Causes of Tooth Pain that Necessitates a Visit to a Dentist in Dexter MI

Pain in the tooth can be frustrating, particularly if you don’t know what is causing it. Generally, tooth pain can occur when the root nerve becomes irritated. This results from decay, chipping, trauma, or tooth loss. Also, tooth pain can happen after tooth extraction. Sometimes, you can feel tooth pain when an issue somewhere in your body like the ears, heart, or sinuses radiates from other areas to your jaw. But whatever the cause of your tooth pain, you may need to see a dentist Dexter MI to address it right away. Over-the-counter pain relievers will only provide temporary relief to your tooth pain. You must visit a dentist to make sure no serious issues are present. The following are the common causes of tooth pain you need a dentist to address:

Tooth Decay

Pain due to tooth decay happens when bacteria build up in your mouth due to poor hygiene. When left not treated, the bacteria will wear away at the tooth enamel. Although your mouth always has bacteria, too much of these can lead to issues like infections and gum disease. Eventually, the bacteria will become plaque, which causes a tooth to decay and form spots. Treatment for pain due to tooth decay involves cleaning the teeth thoroughly to get rid of the plaque, getting a dental filling, and taking antibiotics. 

Tooth Abscess

A dental or tooth abscess can be quite painful and begins when your pulp dies. Pulp refers to the soft part of your tooth that is made up of nerves, tissue, and blood vessels. Once the tissue inside your tooth dies, it can lead to the formation of a pocket or gap for bacteria to grow and become an abscess. A tooth can be damaged in many ways including through injury. When this happens, a visit to a dentist is necessary to treat the cracked part of a tooth and prevent an abscess from forming. 

Tooth Fracture

This can take place if your tooth becomes cracked or damaged. A tooth fracture can be a result of direct tooth trauma through an injury or accident or when you bite down on hard foods. You may feel pain from a tooth fracture when air, water, bacteria, and food particles enter through your damaged tooth and irritate the pulp. Treatment for a tooth fracture includes a veneer, filling, or crown. If your tooth is seriously damaged and infected, a root canal treatment may be necessary.