How to Measure Toddler Feet For Shoes?

Baby’s grow fast so as their feet grow just as fast too. With a fact that in the age of first 3-4 years, baby’s feet grow up to 2 measurements per year. And by the time came when your baby is who is a grown-up child now is ready to go school now, going to take a step in kindergarten class, their feet will be growing about 1 measurement per year.

Although every child is having different and grows differently, so the actual shoe size may vary. You need to check toddler shoe size, and this is the reason why it’s important to know how to measures your kid’s feet correctly and regularly. Because if you don’t check your kid’s feet you will make them wear the previous shoe they have which is now already tight to them and they may suffer from feet illness and will not be comfortable walking in those shoes.

The correct shoe size not only helps in the fitting of the shoes and protects foot growth, makes the kid feel safe and comfortable but wearing the correct shoes in their correct shoe size gives the kids the help they need while learning to walk around the area confidently and freely. Now that online shopping is regular ordering shoe is normal, it’s important to know the average shoe size for a 1-year-oldbaby right from home and avoid such assumptions that ordering a few sizes and hoping random size fits for the best outcome. It will not only be going to save your time but also supplies.

To measure your baby’s feet size at home follow the given steps: Make your baby stand straight on a flat surface and place a paper under their foot and with a maker. Measure the length with the inch tape of the paper you place under their foot. You will get the exact size you need to order for your child. Then after this check the size chart available from where you are going to order from because different brands may vary different size charts.

We can never be too sure! For the size chart to help you measure baby’s feet correctly, So you may go to stores to choosing right size shoes for your baby.