Heroin Abuse – Know About the Causes, Symptoms, and Effects For Recovery

Heroin is the opium poppy plant substance that gives high psychoactive effects in humans. It is available in different colors and belongs to the opioid class of drugs used for pain relievers like Vicodin and Oxycontin. However, opioid pills and Heroin drugs both are dangerous and result in life-threatening situations in families.

In the last decade, the death rate has increased drastically due to the abuse and overdose of Heroin drugs. In most cases, people misuse opioid pills or easily switch to heroin drugs available on the market. Researchers say that one-third of patients are addicted to heroin simply without reason.

Heroin Usage

  • Heroin powder can be mixed with water and injected into the human body.
  • It can be smoked, snorted, or sniffed directly by an addict.
  • Heroin in combination with alcohol, cocaine, or any drug is highly dangerous and leads to overdose problems.

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Understanding the causes, symptoms, and effects takes your journey to recovery soon.

  1. Causes and Risk Factors 

Drug addiction is because of genetic, physical, and environmental factors on a person to turn into an addict.

  • Genetic
  • Addiction is highly genetic.
  • Teens with a history of addict siblings or parents are more prone than their peers.
  • Physical
  • Neuroimaging studies say that chronic usage of drugs affects the structure and functioning of the brain.
  • Of course, there is no clarity about what changes the addiction plays on your brain.
  • Environmental
  • Teens raised with drug-addicted caregivers or parents addicted in their later life.
  • Teens who experiment with alcohol and drugs are also likely to addict later.
  1. Symptoms Of Heroin Addiction

Here are the common symptoms that most teens undergo.

  1. Behavioral Symptoms
  • They may be unhygienic and irresponsible at home and in academics.
  • They will be popular among friends and family because of hangovers, legal issues, secret relationships, hobbies, and money needs.
  1. Physical Symptoms
  • They will experience low breaths, dry mouth, skin irritations, and itching.
  • Also, they face weight loss problems, sleep disorders, tastelessness, vomiting, and running nose.
  • Their friends will notice abnormal smells from your body and clothing.
  • They will appear lethargic and deteriorated.
  • They will make their home into drug paraphernalia with pipes, needles, and tubes.
  1. Cognitive Symptoms
  • They are unable to solve problems and make the right decisions.
  • They lose self-control and are disoriented with over thinking.
  • They’ll suffer from short-term memory and don’t attend school.
  1. Psychosocial Symptoms
  • They may burst with anger, irritability, euphoria, and attitude.
  • They may develop fear, anxiety, depression, mood-offs, and more.
  1. Effects Of Heroin Addiction
  • Severe intake of heroin drug leads to infections causing HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.
  • Even respiratory and cardiac diseases like pneumonia and heart attacks are not uncommon.
  • Sometimes overdose may take the person to coma or death.

So, overcome addiction, have a healthy lifestyle, and maintain sobriety through the best center like ConciseRecovery.