Brief description of upholstery

Brief description of upholstery

What is upholstery?

It is an act of stuffing or filling the piece of furniture with the help of webbing, spring, foam, and cushions in a frame to cover it with upholstery Fabric to give a new look to the furniture. This work can be only done by a professional. Upholstery and interior decorators used different materials like animal skin and hair, hay coconut husk, and some pieces of cloth to make furniture stylish and comfortable. They satisfy their clients with the art of work.

Nowadays you can easily get your desired upholstery product from the market, or any furniture shop furniture manufacturers or retailers can also guide you about it and you can easily choose your favorite upholstery options. People choose so many expensive upholstery products for their chairs, and table sofas that they become more expensive than new ones.

How is upholstery Fabric made?

Upholstery Fabric is made from yarn or thread of good quality and then is woven in textile fibers such as cotton, wool, linen hemp, and polyester all these fabrics are strung in looms and knitted for upholstery Fabric people can choose different yarns according to demand.

Once the upholstery Fabric is woven then it passes from latex glue and another textile to add stability to the upholstery Fabric. It will help with abrasion and long-term durability. Most upholstery Fabrics are never backed because they are woven to slipcover. The fabrics which pass from the backend process are not stretchable fabric rolls are around about 50 yards but most of the companies made 30 yards of fabric roll according to the weaver of the fabric.

How to choose a good fabric for upholstery?

Here we will discuss some major points which will help you in buying good fabric for upholstery.

There are so many upholstery options for you but choosing the right one is quite difficult. You can buy upholstery Fabric from all furniture shops or some specific shops.

The fabric you are going to buy for upholstery should be in good color and design.

The fabric should match your interior.

The fabric you have chosen should be tightened enough.

Try to choose a fabric that can bear heavy traffic areas or can hide marks.

Types of upholstery fabric

Here we will discuss in detail all fabric types of upholstery Fabric.


Cotton is the best upholstery Fabric for those who want a soft and supple texture for furniture because it is a natural fiber and has a friendly reputation. Cotton is also a budget-friendly fabric. You can easily choose your desired color because it has a vast range of colors.


Linen is the strongest fabric for upholstery, and it can resist dirt and stains. It is available with printed designs as well and gives a beautiful look as upholstery.


Wool is a comfortable fabric. It is soft enough and gives an attractive look when used for upholstery. It helps the furniture to remain in shape. It can resist stains but bear wrinkles on the fabric.


If we talk about polyester, then definitely it is synthetic fiber and can be easily cleaned as compared to natural fabric. Polyesters are mostly used for jacquard weaving.


Silk sofa upholstery gives you a stylish look when placed in the bedroom or living lounge, but it is costly. Silk fabric is considered the best choice for upholstery because it is strong and soft as well but not good in resistance.