What Kind Of Roof Structure Should You Choose?

In addition to the shape of the roof, roof construction is a top consideration as it supports the roofing material which has to go through various weight calculations for durability, strength, and safety of people in the house so you should make sure you buy from company you can trust, it can be divided into two major categories: steel structure and wooden structure

  1. Steel Structure House Roof

Prefabricated roof structure

It is commonly used in the construction of modern houses. The steel structure roof can also be divided into 2 sub-categories as follows:

– The roof of the steel structure is C-shaped steel that has been plated with oil and anti-rust paint. Let’s join together to form a structure at the construction site. Usually, it is steel with a thickness of about 3 mm. suitable for supporting the weight of a pair of corrugated tiles. It also has a thickness of 3.2 mm. which is suitable for use with Monia tiles.

– Prefabricated steel structure roof as steel It weighs less than steel. Coated to prevent rust and the load is calculated according to the shape of the roof and roofing materials used by engineering programs, through the measurement and cut from the factory.

  1. The Roof Of A Wooden Structure House

Wooden roof structure

It is the original roof truss material. It can be installed without difficulty. An ordinary technician can do it. But there is a disadvantage in needing quality wood, which is often expensive and has problems with termites.

What Types Of Roofing Materials Are There?

Roofing material It is usually chosen according to the roof shape and roof structure. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses as follows:

  1. Concrete Tiles

It is beautiful and easy to install because it has a size that matches the shape of the house very well. It is also strong and durable, Good heat resistance, and can be used in all weather conditions in Thailand to make concrete tiles popular, but there are disadvantages because it weighs a lot; the roof structure must be strong. As a result, the cost of the structure is higher than the use of other types of roofing materials.

  1. Terracotta Tiles

Clay tiles – They are often used in aging or conservation buildings. It’s not very popular nowadays. Because the tiles must have a very steep roof. porous at several points Easy to get dirty and also make high humidity Easy to break and leak

  1. Fiber Cement Tiles

It is commonly used with large roofs. It has durable good heat resistance. They are cheaper than concrete tiles. But it is slightly less durable. and began to be used more and more

  1. Coated Metal Roof Or Metal Sheet

Lightweight roofing material is easy to install, has few joints, is beautiful, and reflects heat well. But there is a disadvantage that it has a short service life. and is prone to noise easily but you can call on contractors for any emergency repair services.